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Decorating your Classroom thru the Seasons

A classroom is a room where students learn and grow. Students thrive in a warm and welcoming environment. Teachers can decorate classrooms throughout all four seasons to create a room that students feel at home in.

Bring fall into the classroom by decorating the door like a tree. The tree can have falling leaves in all of the colors of autumn. To create a more personalized touch, a teacher can write each student’s name on a leaf. Teachers can also take students on a nature walk to collect materials. These materials can be added to the classroom décor.

Teachers can add winter decorations by having students make paper snowflakes. These snowflakes can be hung around the room to create a winter wonderland. Students can also write poems about the winter to be displayed for all to see. Winter ornaments and decorations can also be used around the classroom.

Spring represents new life. Spring themes, such as flowers, animals, and sunshine, can be incorporated into the curriculum for both writing and art projects. To add some cheeriness to the classroom, place fresh flowers around the room and use picnic baskets for supply storage.

When the warm summer months hit, the best decoration centerpiece is the sun. Teachers can remind students of the beach by covering bulletin boards with blue paper in the shape of waves. To add a tactile activity, teachers can put a small sandbox in the corner of the room for students to play in.

Decorating Your Classroom Thru The Seasons
Decorating Your Classroom Thru The Seasons
Classroom Decorating Ideas Through The Seasons
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