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GBC HeatSeal H700Pro 18 inch Pouch Laminator

The GBC HeatSeal H700Pro Pouch Laminator is designed for the high volume laminating market with 18" wide, 60" per minute lamination and many other features.

  1. Heavy Duty Pouch Laminator
  2. Laminate to 18" wide using 3 to 10mil Pouches
  3. Adjustable Temperature Setting + Cooling Fans
  4. LCD Control Panel - 6 Speed Settings
  5. One Year Warranty

Price: $2,219.99

Ledco XL-44 Pouch Laminator

The Ledco XL-44 44" Pouch Laminator is ideal for business or office use where wide format laminating projects are a necessity. Capable of laminating, mounting or both.

  1. Wide Format Pouch Laminator
  2. 1.5" Mounting Capability Thickness
  3. Preset Pressure and Speed Controls
  4. Adjustable Heat Controller
  5. Two Year Warranty

MSRP: $6,028.00

Price: $5,499.99

You Save: $528.01

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