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Coil Binding Machines

Coil Binding Machines

Coil Binding Machines allow you to create professional presentations, proposals, manuals, reports as well as creative POS materials and booklets. All of our coil binding machines, except for the Tamerica DuraCoil, include a convenient electric coil inserter that easily rolls the coil binding spines through your punched paper.
Once the coil is run through the paper you complete the presentation by using coil crimpers to crimp the coil. Most of our spiral coil binding machines include free coil crimpers.
Spiral Plastic coil binding spines easily roll through punched paper and are then cut and crimped to prevent the coils from rolling back out. Spiral Coil binding is ideal for any presentation type as it allows documents to lie flat on a table for easy reading. Spiral coils come in numerous different colors enabling you nearly limitless choices in presentation design.

Electric Coil Inserters

Electric coil inserters run spiral coil thru the punched paper. Most spiral coil binding machines on the market today include electric coil inserters. If yours does not this is the ideal solution for you. You’ll no longer have run the coil through the paper manually.
If you’re a large spiral coil binding user you may consider purchasing an additional electric coil inserter to save time on the binding process!

Coil Crimpers

Coil Crimpers are the tool used to complete the spiral coil binding process. After the spiral coil is inserted the coil crimper secures the document securing the paper in place!

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