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Trimmers and Cutters

Rotary Trimmers offers rotary trimmers for personal use in the home, a medium volume professional rotary trimmer line for the office plus a premium line for large size projects where precision is a necessity.
Rotary Trimmers from industry leaders Fellowes, Dahle and Sircle are available!

Guillotine Cutters offers Guillotine Cutters from industry leaders Dahle, Fellowes and Sircle. Our line if guillotine covers include models for home use and office use plus a premium series of guillotine cutters popular among picture framers, print shops and copy centers!

Stack Cutters offers Dahle and Tamerica stack cutters with a paper cutting capacity ranging from 200 to 700 sheets of paper. These stack cutters include the latest in technological advances while maintaining a high level of safety! These stack cutters contain the latest features to assist you in completing your cutting jobs quickly and safely!

Foam Board Trimmers offers foam board trimmers for the wide format precision trimming of PVC foam boards, vinyl and plastic films as well as cardboard. These foam board trimmers are available in 40 inch widths to handle the output of a graphic from a 36 inch printer mounted on a foam board. Trimming is made precise and easy with these premium foam board trimmers!

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