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Laminating Accessories

Laminator Cabinets offers a wide range of quality laminating cabinets for roll laminating machines ranging in size from 25 inches to 40 inches. Choose from an economical simple laminating cart, a complete laminating workstation or laminator cabinets that include an electrical outlet. No matter which laminating cabinet best suite your needs your choice will include heavy duty wheels for easy mobility!

Slot Hole Punches offers several slot hole punches that will easily punch holes where you need them on your laminating pouches. On occasion a punch needs to be made in a laminating pouch that is considered to be a custom punch. If you only need several laminating pouches punched it is much more economical to purchase a slot hole punch than to purchase your laminating pouches custom punched. For several hundred or thousand custom punched laminating pouches we recommend you contact us for a quote!

Corner Rounders

Corner Rounders are designed to take ordinary pouches, paper, covers, folders, etc. with square corners and turn them into stylish elegant looking documents with appealing smooth rounded corners. We offer handheld corner rounders for infrequent needs, a desktop model for medium volume needs and commercial manual or electric corner rounders for large volume commercial use!

Easel Backs

Easel backs offer the additional option of creating custom stand-up display materials. Simply laminate your document and then peel the strip off the back of the easel back. With the adhesive now exposed simply center and press your document firmly into place. The adhesive eliminates the hassle of messy glue!

Laminator Cleaning Kits

Laminator Cleaning Kits are instrumental in extending the life of your roll and pouch laminators. These laminator cleaning supplies will allow you to remove the sticky glue build up on the laminating rollers. This simple process will keep the rollers from drying out and cracking. Protect your investment with easy to use laminator cleaning supplies!

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