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Does Accept POs? does accept purchase orders from schools, government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies. 

*Note: Purchase orders can be faxed in to 847.996.0610, emailed to, called in to sales at 800.323.4307 or mailed to 27885 Irma Lee Circle Unit 105, Lake Forest, IL 60045. ONLY select one method of submittal as any duplicates that arise from multiple submissions will be the customer's responsibility.

How do I Take Advantage of Supply Credits?

Some machines come with a one-time supply credit.  This supply credit MUST be used at the same time the machine is purchased or it is no longer valid.  To obtain this credit, simply place the machine you are purchasing in the cart, select the supplies you want to order and place them in the cart.  The supply credit will be applied automatically to your order.

Full credit must be used at time of machine purchase.  Credit CANNOT be carried over.

How does the Trade-In Program Work?

The customer will be responsible for packaging and sending in the roll laminator to It will then be assessed and assigned a value by the technician ranging from $50-$500. The technician will be looking at many factors in determining the value such as age of machine, whether or not it is functioning, whether it can be used for parts, etc. This value will then be applied towards the purchase of a new machine. 

*Note: Roll Laminators 27" and above in size qualify for the trade-in program.

What if my Machine Needs Repairs?

If your machine needs repairs, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1.800.323.4307 for further instructions.  Be sure to have your order number readily available so it can be easily determined whether the machine is still under warranty. The Customer Service Department will direct you to a technician and/or the manufacturer to assist you in troubleshooting initially. It will be determined by the technician/manufacturer whether or not the machine is to be sent in to be repaired under warranty. In this case, the customer would be responsible for packaging the machine properly (as any damage during shipping is the responsibility of the customer) and shipping it to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will then repair the machine and would advise you if any additional fees are required due to non-warranty issues and/or return freight.  Please note: Any operator errors resulting in the malfunctioning of the machine are NOT covered under any warranty.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the Customer Service Department at 1.800.323.4307.

For international customers, the same applies, but you will be responsible for freight to AND from the manufacturer.

What if I Need Parts for a Specific Machine?

Please email your request for parts to Include what type of machine, the brand/model of the machine, and a description and picture of the part needed. The parts department will respond to your inquiry with the availability, the actual part number if you were unable to supply it and a quote for the needed part. If we are unable to supply the part, we will direct you to a supplier that may be better able to assist you.

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