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Velobind binding machines provide one of the most secure binds of any binding method. Consequently you'll see velobind binding used in the professional office environment including law and accountant's offices.Velobind binding utilizes a hot knife binding strip to bind documents securely together.

Several velobind machines are available for any size presentation. Choose from the 4 pin desktop GBC V110E Electric Punch VeloBind model with a binding capacity of 200 sheets up to the high production 700 sheet capacity GBC VeloBind Sytem III that uses 11 pin hot knife velobind strips.

Velobind binding creates sleek and appealing professional presentations that will remain securely bound. 

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Tamerica SecureBind V2000 Pro Hot Knife Binding Machine

The Tamerica SecureBind V2000 Pro Hot Knife Binding Machine is designed for the professional office environment that creates secure tamper resistant professional documents. Punch 20 sheets manually and bind 500 sheets on a 2 inch hot knife strip.

MSRP: $1,699.00

Price: $959.00

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GBC V800PRO VeloBind System One Binding Machine

The GBC V800PRO VeloBind System One Binding Machine creates professionally bound tamper resistant letter and legal size presentations. It is the preferred binding method for professional office environments such as law and accounting offices!

Price: $1,759.62

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