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You'll find a wide selection of today's most popular and affordable Wire Binding Machines at Whether you're looking for a wire binding machine for your school, office or just home use you'll find the perfect wire binding solution for your wire binding needs.

Wire Binding is one of today's most popular binding methods! Wire Bound presentations offer a sleek appealing look! They are widely used in the business environment. Wire Binding Machines are easy to use and affordable. You'll enjoy substantial savings over costly outsourcing by bringing your wire binding jobs in house.

Wire Binding Machines are available in either 3:1 pitch, 2:1 pitch or both 3:1 and 2:1 pitch. The wire binding machine you need to choose depends on the size of your wire bound presentations. If your presentations are fewer than 125 sheets of 20# paper a 3:1 pitch wire binding machine is the perfect choice. For larger presentations a 2:1 pitch wire binding machine will be needed. If you do both small and large size presentations then a wire binding machine that does both 3:1 pitch and 2:1 pitch is the ideal solution.

Wire Binding Machines are offered in both manual and electric punch. An electric punch machine is more commonly utilized in the office and school marketplace as it alleviates operator fatigue on larger wire binding jobs. The punch capacity of the wire binding machine is important also. If your wire binding jobs often contain numerous pages a larger punch capacity will be benefit you greatly. If wire binding twenty 100 sheet presentations you'll need to punch your paper 200 times with a 10 sheet punch machine as opposed to 80 times with a 25 punch capacity wire binding machine. As you can see this is where an electric punch model is extremely helpful.

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Fellowes Quasar Wire Binding Machine

The Fellowes Quasar Wire Binding Machine is designed for use in offices and schhols that need to create professional wire bound presentations, proposals and more. The 15 sheet punch capacity enables you to complete your wire binding projects quickly.

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